How can I add public holiday for my country?

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Russia, France, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Italy, India, South Africa,

  • Go to Calendar settings > public holiday > regions >  select your region.
Other countries,
  • Visit http://calendar.google.com using your web brower, go to Other calendars > browse interesting calendar > subscribe holiday calendar of your country.
  • Go back to new calendar app, from menu, go to select calendar > check [your holiday calendar] , press Sync Calendars button at the bottom, check [your holiday calendar], press OK button to go back to previous screen. Press tick button on the top right corner to sync the calendar.

I cannot sync my calendar. What can I do?

Part A: Make sure Sync is enabled for your account.

  • Go to System Settings >Accounts > Google, select your account, make sure calendar is enabled.
Part B: Make sure you have selected your calendars.
  • Go to New Calendar app, from menu, go to Select calendars > select the calendars that you want to show.
  • Press the Sync calendars button at the bottom, select the calendar that you want to sync again.
  • Press OK to go back to the previous screen. 
  • Press the top right corner's tick button to confirm.

How can I use the sticky note widget?

  1. Long press on your home screen (desktop), and select "add widget".
  2. Different devices might have different way to add widget to home screen. Find "(Resize) sticky note widget", and drag it to your home screen. (For some system, the widgets from the same app may be grouped together, in a same folder. In this way, you have to search for "New calendar" folder, first.)
  3. You will see a yellow box on your home screen. Tap the yellow box to edit the note. From the title bar of your editing screen, there is a "settings"  icon, press it to configure your color and appearances of your note.
  4. Long press the note on your home screen to resize your note.

Sticky notes / todo list is gone. What can I do?

Recovery of Sticky Note and Todo List

  • The widget is empty: Restart the device
  • The widget is gone: Create a new sticky note / todo list, open it from your main screen. Go to Menu > Recyle Bin to recover your note.
Import / Export your data (Sticky Note and Todo List)
  • Open New Calendar, go to Menu > Data Migration, and import / export your data

I am using Hotmail / Msn / live account. What can I do?

You are using a Non-Google calendar account, which is okay.

We are depending on a calendar provider, and you have to save your event to A CALENDAR of your Email address (your_name_here@hotmail.com). The event will be synchronized with the server regularly. Once it's synchronized, it's on your Hotmail account remotely.

Common Lost Events Problem [Saved to a Read-Only Calendar]

The common problem for Non-Google calendar account is "You are saving the event to a local calendar / or non-writable calendar of an account. The reason for that is the system is unable to tell if a Hotmail account is writable or not (This is completely okay for Gmail account).

Android is a Google's products, so they usually has some compatibility problem, but it won't stop you from using the Calendar service. You should be able to tell which calendar under your account on is ready only / which on is writable. 

What You Should NOT DO

NEVER save your event to calendar named something like "US Holiday" of your_name_here@hotmail.com account. As you might expected, you are sharing a holiday calendar with someone else. This calendar of your account is not editable. Even though it can be saved, it's just a local update to the calendar storage, and should never be used. Once it is synchronized with the server, your local update may lost.

What You Should DO

Open New Calendar app, press the "+" button on the top right corner. You will see a "New Event (Quick)" dialog, and a dropdown box to select a calendar. You should save the event to something like,

1st line: your_name_here@hotmail.com [your calendar name]

2nd line: your_name_here@hotmail.com [your account name]

(When BOTH calendar name and account name is your email address, this is editable)

For some non-google calendar account, the system are not able to tell if this is editable or not. Even though it can be saved locally, it can not sync it with the server. Google's service do not working very well with Hotmail's service.

Sync Your Hotmail Calendar with your Phone

You also have to follow the following steps to make sure your_name_here@hotmail.com sync with Hotmail's calendar server. 

Step 1

Go to System Settings > Accounts > Exchange (or other any other account type) > your email address > make sure the Sync for calendar is enabled.

Step 2

Go to New calendar app > menu > Settings > Select calendars. Make sure your account and email account is selected.

Step 3

Go to New calendar app > menu > Settings > Select calendars > Sync Calendars > Make sure your account is selected.

Error: no such column: setLunar (code 1). What can I do?

This error indicate that you calendar database structure is not up-to-date, look likes it is because of some sort of incomplete ROM update. You can try to re-install official google calendar app to see if the latest version of the app can fix the database problem.

If it is not working please follow the procedure suggested below (require root),

  1. Switch off all synchronisation and try to make sure calendar apps and widgets are not running.
  2. Get a root shell on your device
  3. #> cd /data/data/com.android.providers.calendar/databases/
  4. #> cp -a calendar.db calendar.db.backup
  5. #> echo -n "" >calendar.db
  6. #> reboot

(Extracted from http://goo.gl/sLQBRl)

For users without root, please do a factory reset. :(

If you find a better solution, please send a email to q@kfsoft.info.